Professional Minimalist Fashion: My 10 Hanger Outfit Challenge

Years ago, I worked for a company with an office in Belgium. I remember so vividly when some of our Belgian colleagues came to visit for a week, how put together and fashionable they looked every day. Every day was a complete “outfit,” something clearly arranged to be worn together, like jeans and a matching […]

On Solitude: A Minimalist Approach to Social Life

Today’s post is a guest post from my good friend, Alice W. Hutmacher, who is a wonderful creative writer and inspires me with her approach to alone time. I hope you enjoy it! ———– ‘So you’re keeping a low profile?’ she asked me. She didn’t sound very convinced. I could hear she was worried that […]

Project 333 – Minimalist Fashion Tips for Professional Women

I’ve been participating in Project 333, the minimalist fashion project by Courtney Carver, wherein we choose a total of 33 items of clothing, footwear, outerwear, and accessories to wear for 3 months. I’m lucky, my professional workplace does not have a strict dress code and so, on a normal day, I can get away with […]

Ultra Minimalist Kitchen – Refined over 30 Days

Minimalist Kitchen - Ending Kit

  30 days have come and gone since I started my ultra minimalist kitchen challenge. In fact I think it’s about 5 days past the end, and I have no plans to go back. The most shocking revelation of all? I ended the challenge with fewer things than I started with. If you want, you […]

Why Ultra Minimalist? – Ultra Minimalist Kitchen Update

Tuna Lentil Chili in my One Pan

  The most frequent question I’ve gotten about my 30-day Ultra Minimalist Kitchen Challenge is some version of, “Why?” and a few people have added, “You don’t have to, you know.” I’ve encountered more than a little of what seemed like people calculating in their own minds if they could do it too, and going through […]